Alex Georges, Director

I have just finished listening to the final mix of your score for my film, Cultivating Charlie. Quite frankly, I was moved to tears. You have far exceeded my expectations. You captured the essence of what I hoped my film would be, and you have brought my vision to life. …when we collaborate, something magical happens.

“Cultivating Charlie” and “Laura’s Death”

Ross Wells, Director Cool Films

Whether we are producing a large national advertising campaign or a local spot, Scott’s scores have added another dimension to our imagery and editorial. Cool Films have long benefited from having a Szabo Sound track…He gets it.

Earl Littman, Executive Director

I now know what a blessing it is to have musical talent pouring out of your body and soul. Scott, you made my silly lyrics sing.

Greater Houston Community Foundation “Drugs Kill” campaign

Jack Hattingh, Chief Creative

Scott…F__ing fantastic brother!! I love what you have done…also you’re comms chatter at ISS fueling station as well as returning to earth…Awesome!!! You make our pictures look so much better, I’m blown away.

Samsung Dome Project, MonsterMedia3D

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